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Angels and Sigils of Belvaspata

by Jan on June 4, 2012

In our post of September 14, 2011 we discuss “Angels, Sigils and Belvaspata”.  You can view the entire post by clicking here – the following paragraphs (in bold) are excerpts from the same post and lead us into a few questions that we received recently.

“Belvaspata is the angelic healing modality that uses light and frequency to dispel illusion and reveal the existing underlying perfection of Creation. The meaning of Belvaspata, is ‘Healing of the Heart’, in the sacred language of the Infinite.  Many Angelic beings are part of this body of information and are assigned certain tasks by virtue of their frequency.

What is a sigil?

Sigils not only describe what they represent but are a means to communicate with what they represent. For example, the sigil for love describes the quality or frequency of what is meant. It maps out the exact frequency of the emotion…”

* ~ *

Some background information about Belvaspata: Beginning in August 2006, Almine began to spontaneously receive sigils and angel names, marking the birth of Belvaspata. Initially, she received the 12 Pairs of Emotions, the 16 Rays of Light and initiations for Level I to Master Level. Later she received Grand Master Level initiation sigils (May 2007). As each piece of information came through, it was shared at retreats, in books and on her websites.  Belvaspata, Angel Healing Volume I  is the most current and updated user guide and reference for all Belvaspata information of a general nature (also advanced specialty modalities of Kannish, Song of the Self and Braamish Ananu).

A big thank you for the Belvaspata questions that we recently received  from  Tim , a Belvaspata Grand Master  in Florida. See Belvaspata, Angel Healing Volume I, page 25, under “Note:” (paper version) for more details and an illustration of our  Q&A below – you can view the book description and purchase by clicking here.

Q. Please help me get clarity on the over-all angel for Belvaspata and for other angels and sigils. The over-all angel has a sigil and an angel sigil listed.  Is this supposed to be an angel sigil and angel name…?  Some of the sigils look different; they don’t have 2 sigils, just one sigil and a name.

A. Most of the Belvaspata sigils consist of the following:  one sigil and name for the quality and one angel sigil and the name of the angel who supports the quality. The quality of the sigil is its meaning, or purpose- its ‘job’. Some of the Belvaspata sigils, such as the 12 Pairs of Emotions and the 16 Rays of Light, have only one sigil which is the sigil for the quality.  The Emotional Pairs have angel names and the Rays/Sigils of Light have lord names given, but no sigils for these names. 

The Angel of Belvaspata


The first sigil is the quality (Belvaspata, meaning Healing of the Heart). The name of the angel is then given and the angel sigil.  Remember that having the angel’s sigil and name are like having their phone number – with pure intent, they must respond when you call them.


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